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REHAB Consultation

Why Virtual rehab?

traditional rehab

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Most clinics see you 2-3x per week at the most! The more often you do your rehab the better you will feel faster. 

Some people do not have convenient access to a physical therapy clinic. And if you do, it does not mean it is a good physical therapy clinic. 

Therapy can get really expensive. Especially if you have a high deductible insurance plan or higher co-pays. 

Therapists are often juggling other patients and busy catching up on documentation leaving them in no position to truly listen to you. 

Insurance runs the rehab world. This often limit therapists to only working on the injured area when in reality the whole body needs to work as a unit. 

We are able to program rehab sessions 3-7x per week for our clients. This gets you better results, faster. 

Our virtual rehab sessions allow us to integrate your rehab into your training at home and reach you anywhere in the world. 

We keep costs low despite offering 3-7x session per week by billing you monthly subscriptions to our services. 

In addition to our virtual calls, we allow you to message us through the app at any time and we will get back to you in 24-48 hours. 

We are a cash based business which gives us the freedom train the whole body, and offer a more holistic approach by giving you nutrition/ lifestyle recommendations.

how it works



The discovery call is a short call to ask questions and see if we are a good match for you. This allows us to anwser any questions and get to know one another before you make a financial commitment. 


In an initial consultation we will dive into your history and assess movement. This is the first step in creating your rehab plan. We utilize the platform Healthie- this is where you will schedule appointments & fill out paperwork. After an initial consultation, we can move forward with creating your individualized rehab program. 




After your Initial Consultation we will determine which plan best fits your individual rehab needs. 

Our plans are priced to reflect that of traditional physical therapy co-pay cost of an average of $25-50 per visit. We bill on a monthly basis, via a membership plan. 




Tier I: $100 rehab breakdown, $50 follow up sessions booked as needed. 


Tier II: $400/month, 5-7 rehab sessions per week 2 virtual follow up sessions.


Tier I is a one time payment and Tier II is billed monthly to keep costs for the patient low but quality high. 



After the initial consultation you will receive a care plan that contains your goals and nutrition & lifestyle guide. 

These guides provide general recommendations such as nutrition needs, pre/post workout options as well as tips on improving sleep and decreasing inflammation. 



You will receive an email link to join my training group on Train Heroic which is the app we use to program your rehab. 

The app includes video demonstrations, detailed notes, messaging feature, and allows me to track your compliance with your exercises. 

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What about massage?

Manual therapy can have merit but its benefits are short term. The same short term benefits can be achieved with a lacrosse ball or foam roller.

Lifting Kettle Bell

Do you take HSA/FSA?

YES! Just make sure to place your HSA/FSA card on file. 


Do you take insurance?

We do not accept insurance, BUT we offer Superbills that you can submit to your insurance for coverage (we walk you through it).