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Why Big Cat?


Choosing the right therapist and rehab plan is crucial for your recovery and overall well-being. At Big Cat Performance, I pride myself on providing a personalized, patient-centered approach that sets us apart. With our one-on-one care, facilities, and evidence-based treatment plans, we ensure each patient receives the care they need to achieve optimal results. 


Big Cat Performance & Physical Therapy is passionate about offering a level of one on one care that is not available at other practices. Our sessions are personalized and intentionally planned to have you return to your daily activities/sports healthy and pain free. Because we dedicate ourselves to focusing solely on our patient, we are able to assess progress, make real-time adjustments, and address specific needs and concerns. This individualized approach ensures that each session is maximized for effectiveness, leading to a more sustainable recovery. 


A limiting factor of many rehab practices is the lack of space. I have been in practices before that are packed full of tables and therapists without the necessary room to move to the level that your return to sport patients require. BCP is located within 4.40 Performance Complex, a 9000+ square foot turf facility and equipped with a full weight room. Our patients are given the maximum amount of space they need to rehab efficiently and effectively, along with all the equipment necessary. 


The difference between a physical therapist and therapy aid mostly comes down to the level of education. While therapy aids are not even required a bachelor's degree, physical therapists are required to have a doctorate degree in physical therapy. This difference in level of education equips physical therapists with a deeper understanding of complex conditions and the ability to develop and modify comprehensive treatment plans. PTs can also perform detailed evaluations and diagnoses, ensuring a higher level of care and more personalized treatment for each patient. 


Along with receiving one on one care, BCP is a firm believer in personalized training programs. While many practices may offer cookie cutter programs that are considered a one-size-fits-all, we require our plans to be tailored to meet each patient’s specific needs, conditions, and goals. Personalized programs can address specific weaknesses, imbalances, and limitations, resulting in better outcomes and a reduced risk of re-injury. By focusing on the individual, therapists can adapt and modify the plan as progress is made, ensuring continuous improvement and results. 


Believe it or not, insurance-based is not always the cheapest way to go. And if it is, then that will directly correlate with the quality of care that you’re receiving. With high deductibles and copays, insurance-based treatments can quickly become expensive, with patients paying substantial out-of-pocket fees before their insurance even kicks in. At our cash-based clinic, you know the exact cost upfront and you can expect to invest the same amount into every session. This also allows us to focus on providing the best care without the constraints and limitations imposed by insurance companies. 

With this all being said, Big Cat Performance recognizes the investment that rehab is, and we don’t want money to be a reason an athlete is unable to get the level of care they need in order to return to their sport. We partner with Reimbursify, where many of our patients get 40-100% of their sessions reimbursed.  


Being a retired college athlete myself, I understand that trusting someone with your training/rehab/ is not a small decision. BCP training programs are specialized in working with athletes and are focused on returning each athlete to their sports. While many practices go about the therapy process with the mindset of returning the individual to simple daily activities, we strive to prepare the athlete for their sport. Whether their sport includes cutting, jumping, tackling, running, etc., We make sure each athlete feels confident in these areas before returning to competition. 

Big Cat Physical Therapy services the North Canton/Akron area, and specializes in return to sport rehab. Please let us know if you have any questions or if you’d like to schedule an evaluation!


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