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traditional Physical therapy is not working


of ACL patients will not return to their pre-injury levels.

best acl rehab in ohio

Traditional therapy

big cat rehab

Therapist is juggling multiple patients at once.

Work with a few ACL patients a year.

Therapy designed to get you back to "function".

No guidance or program for return to sport.

Therapy better equipped for non-athletes.

1 on 1 care with a physical therapist the whole session.

Specialize in ACL rehab and worked with hundreds of ACL patients.

Our goal is to get you better than prior to the injury.

We specialize in taking patients from post op to full play.

Therapists specialized in working with athletes.


Data driven

We use the latest technology to gauge progress and ensure we are safely progressing our rehab. This includes:

  • VALD Force Plate Measurements

  • Isometric Dynamometer

  • Phoenix Waveform Electrical Stimulation

  • Blood Flow Restriction 

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