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Probably a poor business move, but here we go! No need to overcomplicate it. Doing it for the people!


What hurts? What can you not do that you want to do?

Once we have the answer to that it is pretty simple. For example, let's say I am having shoulder pain with overhead pressing motions. I want to be able to press overhead pain free but currently can not.

No problem, now is the time for us to work backward. Pain free overhead pressing is the end goal now it is all about trial and error. Here would be an example of a potential progression:

  • Overhead Pressing

  • Landmine Pressing

  • Open Chain Horizontal Pressing

  • Closed Chain Vertical Pressing

  • Closed Chain Horizontal Pressing

In addition, I would make sure my accessory work like horizontal and vertical pulls were on point. I would also be doing some targeted strengthening of more isolated tissues like the rotator cuff and delts.


I would find the variation where I would be able to complete the exercise with minor discomfort, <3/10 pain. Let's say I could perform open chain horizontal pressing, like dumbbell bench press with relatively no pain. I could progress the exercise by adding range of motion (going lower), adding weight, doing more reps, or doing more sets.

As I progress with the exercise, I can jump up to the next progression landmine pressing. Again I may have some discomfort, that is ok as long as we stay around <3/10 pain. Again, I can progress with weight, ROM, and volume.

Then I make the final jump to our goal, overhead pressing! Again, their are nuances and additional accessory work I would add in but if you follow this simple guide this is often enough to get you results!

If it doesn't work, come see me!

Till next time!


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